About Us

Nour-Eddine Ityel is a mortgage broker affiliated with the Vantage Group. He offers brokerage services in the Montreal area. With many years of experience, he has the gift of guiding his clients towards the best mortgage rates. Whether it’s buying property, renovating, buying a car, building, financing your business or newcomers, Mr Ityel will help you find the best mortgage loan. Do not hesitate to contact him to take advantage of his advice and expertise.

Looking for help with a home loan or need an experienced mortgage broker to help you realize your real estate dreams? Are you confused by conflicting information? You are not alone. Trying to navigate interest rates, monthly repayments and borrowing capacity by yourself can be a very difficult exercise. That’s why the services of a mortgage broker are invaluable. Rather than go to several banks yourself, we offer you access to several different banks and credit institutions.

We simplify the process, educate and advise, so that you understand your financial situation and control the purchase of your property. We have helped hundreds of clients understand the lending options available to them and put them on the road to a debt-free future. As mortgage brokers in the Montreal area, Nour Mortgage will help you find the best loan for your home, car or business. Book your free appointment today.